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Academic Artist Josef Lehoučka

Josef Lehoucka

12 July 1923 – 7 December 1999

Josef Lehoucka studied from 1945 to 1950 at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague; he was a disciple of Professor Frantisek Tichy. After graduating he worked in advertising department, but also as a ceramist and crane operator. He worked as an artist on a full-time basis from 1967.

He had one-man exhibitions in the Club “Manes”, Prague (Czech Republic) in 1962, in the Kolin city Museum (Czech Republic) in 1963, in the Mikolas Ales Hall, Prague (Czech Republic) in 1964, in the Gallery “Ve vezi”, Melnik (Czech Republic) in 1983, in the Gallery “Dilo” in Zlin (Czech Republic) in 1985, in the Gallery "Platyz", Prague (Czech Republic) in 1992, in the Gallery “Vltavin”, Prague (Czech Republic) in 1999.
At the turn of 2007-2008 year he participated on the exhibition The Art Group Máj 57 in the Imperial Stables of the Prague Castle as a member of this art-group.

He also participated in the following exhibitions outside the Czech Republic: 5th Biennale internationale d'arte contemporaneia in San Marino in 1965, Prague Artists Exhibition in Gallery MAERZ in Linz (Austria) in 1967, Artists from Prague Exhibition in Sopoty (Poland) in 1967, Czech Artists Exhibition in Gallery Riehentor in Basel (Switzerland) in 1969, in Gallery zum Roehbok in Stein am Rhein (Germany) in 1973, and in Gallery am Hinterberg in Zurich (Switzerland) in 1981.

Lehoucka's works of art are exhibited in the following Czech collections: National Gallery Prague, Central Bohemian Gallery Prague, and South Bohemian Ales Gallery in Hluboka nad Vltavou.

Contact: - Helena Wau Lehouckova -