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Josef Lehoucka about himself

Josef Lehoucka about his work (1st May 1999)

I was asked to name my work from the last years.

It is difficult to speak about it because everything that I had been doing earlier received their names retroactively. I did factories, I did family histories, blest landscapes and other themes. And now it seems to me that in all the cases the external and internal circumstances necessitated the theme and ended up with the name.

If I try to formulate shortly my current aiming I think I would use just three words: SEARCHING FOR ORDER.

It might be a possible answer for the present time which we are living in. However, I am far from defining myself by a negative statement. It seems to me that deeply half-hidden was the theme of complexity of world and delicacy of human existence. It was necessary to find the simplest means of expression. So I came to the present expression, shapes and color composition. This is how my work may be defined. Searching for orders, magnitude and exiguity, fineness and asperities, niceness and rugosity of everything that we are able to perceive by our imperfect senses.

Ezra Pound used one sentence in one of his poems – “I wanted to write paradise”. Allow me to add silently: Perhaps, I wanted to paint paradise.